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Sad People On Vacation

Flying to countries with abundant sun and surf would be fun if we could eliminate the flying part, but that is impossible.It would be like longing for a cake without making the dough, which is very messy.

Nobody smiles at airports, especially outside the departure lounge.Families and lovers are still mad at each other because of pre-flying arrangements: bags full of clothes nobody will wear, hogging the bathroom, leaving home late, getting caught in traffic and nearly missing the flight. Still no smiles at the airport.Check in.Bags are over the weight limit.Accusations start flying.I toldyou so.Calm finally prevails and everybody is settled in the departure lounge. The intercom shatters the peace with that dreaded message: the flight has been delayed.

Passengers board after a few hours.First time travellers insist on the window seat.Seasoned travellers know aisle seat advantages: walking up and down the aisle for some exercise and going to the bathroom without bothering anybody. Ah!The b…

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