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Britain The Stiff Upper Lip

Britain used to be a brand, like products in your bathroom and kitchen cupboards.Made in Britain was regarded as quality.Nowadays, practically all British fashion designers make clothes in China and other Asian countries.Britain as a brand had certain defining traits.One of them is the stiff upper lip.

I looked for it when I found myself in that country.I went to the market and people selling fruits and vegetables called me ‘luv’. I dived into butcheries for some meat and men in long white aprons called me ‘luv.’

I got hooked on the Friday fish and chips ritual and people behind the counter called me ‘luv’.Cleaning ladies on campus called me ‘luv’.During the summer, I joined the throngs for the Notting Hill carnival and revellers called me ‘luv.’ It took some time to get used to all the loving because I could barely understand the way they speak English.Apparently, the accent in the land of the queen is a verbal business card, that tells people you grew up in Birmingham, your parents we…

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