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Dull Knives Cut Deep

Knives, both plastic and steel cannot be recycled for obvious reasons.They will cut through the garbage bag, as all garbage is thrown out in big plastic bags.I suppose it makes it easier for the garbage guys to play some ball, slam dunk the bag in the garbage truck.
Steel knives cannot be recycled because they will also break whatever industrial machine is used to crush the garbage, if it is crushed at all.That is why we keep knives we no longer use.It might be the reason why the English language has the saying, not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
It is not complimentary at all because you don’t tell people in the face, like ‘that’s a great hair cut.’You say it behind their back.You do not write it in an e-mail because electronic mail has wings.It might end up before the knife in question, today, tomorrow or after five years.
Somehow, my English teacher forgot to tell me about it.I discovered it later in life, from a book by Maeve Binchy, which I found in my cousin’s collection. The ti…

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