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Christmas Carols Re-Named

Christmas carols are now called happy holiday carols.Just kidding. 

The word Christmas is avoided in many things now as a gesture of reconciliation, a gesture of acknowledgement that there are other faiths besides Christianity and a gesture of acceptance that there are other cultures that don’t put gifts under a tree to express love.
Christmas carols though are just that, and cannot be called year-end carols, holiday season carols or festive season carols. Carols are supposed to be religious for people of the Christian persuasion, aren’t they?It is all blurred because shops use them as early as November, to prep city dwellers for the December buying binge. Maybe physical and online shopping outlets are not the only culprits.Hollywood is also a contributing factor.Take the song, Jingle Bells.Is it a church song or a Hollywood song?Santa Claus Is Coming toTown, is that a church song or scripted by Hollywood?

American musicians also go to the studio, mix them up a bit, but the result is Chri…

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