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Black Friday Injury Insurance

Black Friday insurance for shoppers might not help because insurance in general, is notorious for finding some loophole not to pay up when floods, fire or any calamity, descend upon us.

Insurance is a by product of capitalism.You own something but you take insurance in case something goes wrong.You buy a house which was built on sick land and one day it disappears, sucked by hidden chemicals.Insurance might show you some fine print that it insured the structure, not the land, and since the house disappeared, they are not paying.

Black Friday is no exception.Intelligent shoppers have already taken insurance against the stampede, which begins as soon as doors open.Then the games begin, two shoppers pull a sweater left and right because they both claim they saw it first.One shopper strangles another one, over that last microwave, which is 80% off the original price.A shopper might knock you dead with a drill, rather than let you have it.

Black Friday is a contact sport therefore, your shopp…

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