Zulu Ipha

Zulu Ipha

I-pha is to give freely.  It’s important to stress freely, because ordinary giving has another word in the language called isiZulu.

I-pha is the verb, to do something, to give freely.  Isipho is the noun.  Isipho is a gift.

The first part is pronounced as in e-books.  The second part -pha as in palm tree.

A gift.  A boy’s name.
A gift.  A girl’s name.
Please give me.
Mu-phe.  Udadewenu.
Give it to her.  She is your sister.
Ngi-phiwe u-Nancy.
It was a gift from Nancy.
Ngi-phiwe u-Langa.
It was a gift from Langa.
Ngi-phiwe u-Svetlana.
It was a gift from Svetlana.
O-mama baya-phana.
Mothers are generous.  They give freely.
He gives freely.

Nonqaba waka Msimang is the author of the South African novel, Sweetness.


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